The Summers Wedding | Brooklyn Photographer

So when I started all of this I told myself I would never do a wedding. Well my friends talked me into it somehow during the busiest time of year. Yep this wedding was in December 4 days before christmas. They got the best day too. It was so warm and sunny out. I really enjoyed my self and it was great that I knew just about everyone at the wedding too. I learned a whole lot too. Still not sure I will do another one though.... We shall see. 2014-02-19_00012014-02-19_00022014-02-19_00032014-02-19_00042014-02-19_00052014-02-19_00062014-02-19_00072014-02-19_00102014-02-19_00112014-02-19_00082014-02-19_0009