Kids Were Here | December 2014

I am so proud of myself I made it all the way through a project. This is month 12 of the Kids Were Here Project. Our theme this month is Blessed. Here is a little reminder of what this project is all about. Photographing and sharing evidence that our life, our light... our children... were here. From handprints to muddy shoes, these are the days of our lives, and as hectic as they are, too soon they will be past.

“These still life images serve as a daily reminder that my days are awash in chaos, whimsy, laughter and laundry (sometimes all at once). They capture toys and spills and puddles and piles. Sentimental, solitary moments of childhood ephemera. A gentle prodding to live in the now and stop looking toward the “then.” And though sometimes I pray for clean and quiet and still, I know all too well it will come. And I will yearn for tiny shrieks of laughter in my bedroom. For toys and loveys strewn about. For signs of a daily life well lived. For traces of my babies who once were. For reminders that Kids Were Here–and they were life and light and love.” – Stephanie Beaty


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Kids Were Here | October 2014

Almost didn't make it to post this month. Forgot I had to post this week. The two shots I am putting up are just quick snaps I took during the month. The theme this month was spills well I failed at finding any this month. I was going to try for toy, clothing, food or drink spills but I didn't do well with that. First shot is just how my son poured out all the markers from his new toy all on my floor drop and the second shot is of the tops/spinners they found left over from party favors. 2014-10-26_00012014-10-26_0002

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Kids Were Here | August 2014

For some reason it seems like months since I have done a post for kids were here but its only been five weeks. This months theme was Play. The jump rope many of the kids on my block took turns playing with was left on the ground while they rode their bikes and scooters. Flip flops on the ground show that my kid likes to play without shoes on sometimes. And Justin's new thing is playing with toys by the window. They haven't used this water gun all summer but some how I found it almost under the couch this month.



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Kids Were Here | July 2014

Our theme this month is Routine. Well this one was hard to figure out. For some reason all the routine images I wanted to take involved the kids being in the photo. Well the point of kids were here is that the kids are not in the photo and we need to take photos of things they leave around. The light bulb moment didn't go off until this week. My son has to have a cup of chocolate milk every morning that we are home. He drinks as much as he can and then goes back to sleep and then comes back for the rest later. So the cup is left on the table until he is done.  

Routine (1 of 1)

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Kids Were Here | June 2014

Our theme for this month is summer fun. For us summer fun just started last week so I didn't get too many images like I usually do. The kids got to ride their scooters outside with some of the other kids on the block. I was able to capture the usual scooter on the ground while they went off to talk to their friends. My daughter's backpack on the ground unopened because it was the last day of school meaning no homework. 2014-06-29_0002


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Kids were here | April 2014

This months theme is Hidden. My goal was to find things as I clean out the house for spring. The kids play with things and sometimes they fall behind, under or between furniture. These are just some of what I found. Books and a half empty bottle of bubbles on the window sill.


Under the couch I found my sons spiderman car that he loves to send under there so he can crawl and get it when he is ready. I also found one of my daughters finished craft.


And this is from the great big foam bean spill. My son popped open the extra bag of beans that I had for filling their bean bag chairs. Those little beans are so hard to clean up I even found them under the radiator along with a missing car (the little green thing thats upside down). It got into an entire container of sheets and towels so I had to empty it out and repack it. Way to give me more work to do kid.


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Kids were here | March 2014

The theme for this months kids were here was Joy. My son got way too much for Christmas so we put some things away. This month he got to take out his cars set. He didn't ask us for help with opening the package because he wanted to do it by himself. I came in the room later to find some of the box on one end of his bike and the truck on the seat of the bike.  He just could not get the bottom part of the box out so he left it alone and just drove it around like that. 2014-03-29_0001

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Kids Were Here | February 2014

This months theme is LOVE We get these boxes of healthy snacks to try once a month. The boxes usually arrive on a Friday so these snacks are perfect for church on Saturday. The kids raid the box and take what they think they will like and then leave the rest for me. This month I got olives and one chocolate bar.


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