Kids Were Here | December 2014

I am so proud of myself I made it all the way through a project. This is month 12 of the Kids Were Here Project. Our theme this month is Blessed. Here is a little reminder of what this project is all about. Photographing and sharing evidence that our life, our light... our children... were here. From handprints to muddy shoes, these are the days of our lives, and as hectic as they are, too soon they will be past.

“These still life images serve as a daily reminder that my days are awash in chaos, whimsy, laughter and laundry (sometimes all at once). They capture toys and spills and puddles and piles. Sentimental, solitary moments of childhood ephemera. A gentle prodding to live in the now and stop looking toward the “then.” And though sometimes I pray for clean and quiet and still, I know all too well it will come. And I will yearn for tiny shrieks of laughter in my bedroom. For toys and loveys strewn about. For signs of a daily life well lived. For traces of my babies who once were. For reminders that Kids Were Here–and they were life and light and love.” – Stephanie Beaty


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