Kids were here | April 2014

This months theme is Hidden. My goal was to find things as I clean out the house for spring. The kids play with things and sometimes they fall behind, under or between furniture. These are just some of what I found. Books and a half empty bottle of bubbles on the window sill.


Under the couch I found my sons spiderman car that he loves to send under there so he can crawl and get it when he is ready. I also found one of my daughters finished craft.


And this is from the great big foam bean spill. My son popped open the extra bag of beans that I had for filling their bean bag chairs. Those little beans are so hard to clean up I even found them under the radiator along with a missing car (the little green thing thats upside down). It got into an entire container of sheets and towels so I had to empty it out and repack it. Way to give me more work to do kid.


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