Nedderman Family | Brooklyn Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing the Nedderman family in their home back in March. We had a blast with some posed shots and then some lifestyle type shots of the kids around the house from playroom to bedroom.  


Benoit Family | Brooklyn Family Photographer

I really enjoyed photographing this family. The kids were a  challenge at first but then we all got into it and came out with so many awesome photos in the end. 2014-02-10_00072014-02-10_00082014-02-10_00102014-02-10_00112014-02-10_00122014-02-10_00132014-02-10_00172014-02-10_0016

Mesha Lifestyle Session| Brooklyn Family Photographer

This session was both fun and a challenge. Two year old didn't want anything to do with taking pictures so we had to try all kinds of things to get him in the shot. In the end I loved how this session turned out and shows just who they are. 2014-02-08_00012014-02-08_00022014-02-08_00032014-02-08_0004