A Day in the Life with my kids | Brooklyn NY Children's Photographer

Its been two years since I tried to document a day in the life with my kids in pictures. So this labor day I decided it was the perfect day to do that. Sorry this post is so loaded with photos. My day always starts with making Justin his tall class of warm chocolate milk. He loves to sit next to the sink up by the microwave and sing and talk until I have his tea (chocolate milk) ready. His other favorite is a Nutella sandwich.



Jazlyn wakes up a few minutes later so I usually have her breakfast ready for her to start eating right away. Her favorite is pancakes and chocolate milk.


Before we leave the house there is the usual play fight.


Its Labor day in NYC which means the West Indian day Parade on the Parkway. I decided to take the kids for a quick trip there. Its just a few blocks away so we walked. 2014-09-04_0005

Back at home enjoying some of the goodies we bought. Skin up, cane and roasted corn for lunch. YUM.


Time to head back out for some outdoor play since the kids on the block saw that we came back I couldn't keep them inside.


Dinner time. Daddy brought home some more roasted corn and beef patties.


Time for bed but as you can see they are still playing. If you made it this far thanks for checking out our day.